Over 50 years of international expertise working in US, South America, Africa and Europe.
CuboStart – International Business Incubation
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CuboStart is not your usual incubator. We focus on preexisting international companies that have a desire to work overseas. CuboStart is the tool that enables the international expansion, supporting your company to create a Start-up subsidiary, providing knowledge and risk management strategies considering inherent cross borders characteristics of the global technology business.

Our incubation services encompass a complete back office and middle office services, enabling your company to be in charge of your core business, reducing significantly the G&A (General & Administrative) costs, and accelerating time to revenue.

CuboStart provides co-working space with like-minded people, shared outsourced back office and middle office activities, which includes accounting, administrative, financial, legal, governance, and compliance, HR services, as well as managerial activities. Our CFO as a Service concept bridge the gap between headquarters and subsidiary, developing the  right financial and taxation strategies for IP and technology services based corporations.

Becoming International

Our Internationalization planning process is designed to take advantage of your company’s current situation and increase the involvement on the international target markets. As part of our incubation services, we implement the approved plan and work together with you to accomplish your company goals. CuboStart is committed being part of your company internationalization solution. 

Market Penetration Strategy

Keeping pace with several technology think tanks, CuboStart actively monitors market trends and follow that current state of enterprise technology requirements. Our strategic market development services are based on over 30 years of IT market experience, and keeping pace with the most current technology trends.

CuboStart market relations practice has supported companies to understand market trends and created a market strategy to successfully navigate the global IT business environment. Our product and market dynamics knowledge facilitate the business plan building process, providing insightful resources for market positioning, marketing and sales planning.

Mobile Automation

With clients in 20 countries, MC1 is a leader in Retail Execution, growing organically in the international market leveraging cross borders revenues. Our team developed a billing strategy,
optimizing the expense ratio to income enabling the creation of the US subsidiary, and transferring a business development executive, supporting a channel partners based market penetration. 


As a leading provider of SaaS for Helpdesk in Brazil, Milldesk needed to establish a receivables strategy, that was low cost and supported the international growth. CuboStart provided a payments infrastructure and legal support, guaranteeing the market presence in over 10 countries. 

Privacy and Security

Sikur was created to be a global provider for communications and collaboration security and privacy. CuboStart provides market strategic advisory full back office and middle office operations, supporting the business strategy and daily operations in the US, Latin America, Europe and Middle East.


Business Incubator and Accelerator 

Market Strategic Planning

Business Advisory

Company Set-up

Soft Landing

CFO as a Service – Financial, accounting, and tax management


CuboStart has supported  several valuations and M&A processes, including scouting and screening of prospects, due diligences, transaction agreement negotiation, integration planning, transaction closing, and after the fact operations. With and without venture funds, we have successfully invested in several early stage business opportunities. As we have already divested some of the ventures, we bring real-world expertise to the corporate acquisition process.